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Posted on April 5, 2019

Do Luaus Have Age Limits?

Do Luaus Have Age Limits?

by Mark L., April 5, 2019

Kids playing activities at the Polynesian Cultural Center, a luau that caters to children and does not have a luau age limit.
Kids love the hands-on activities offered at just about every luau

If you’re wondering if a luau is a family-friendly activity,  our reply is an enthusiastic yes!

Hawaii is well known as a family-friendly destination. Of course, like anywhere else you’ll find some adult-oriented establishments and activities. But most activities are geared toward the whole family. Even the tiniest of visitors love splashing around in the clear waters of the Pacific or staring at the vibrant colors that surround them.

Like many other things to see and do around the islands, luaus don’t exclude the younger members of the family. In fact, in most cases, there’s a discounted rate that encourages parents to bring their little ones along.

Activities for Kids of all Ages

If you’re worried about your kid getting bored and making a fuss, it’s worth noting that most luaus have activities that cater to the little dears. Take the Diamond Head Luau on Oahu, for instance. In the shadow of the iconic Diamond Head Crater, you and your young ones are welcomed with a traditional flower lei, and then you can learn how to make one! Polynesian arts and crafts give your kids a hands-on activity that will keep them—and you—entertained while you wait for the evening’s entertainment to begin.

Food to Satisfy all Palates

Luau buffet sure to please guests of any age.
Even picky eaters will find plenty to enjoy

Maybe your biggest concern is whether or not your keiki will enjoy what’s on the menu. Even if you have a picky eater, there’s bound to be something for them to enjoy.

Getting them to eat the raw fish in the Lomi Lomi salmon may be a little tricky. But at Chief’s Luau, you should be able to entice them with tropical BBQ chicken, slow-cooked kalua pork, fresh pineapple, and plenty of other island treats.

A luau is a great opportunity to introduce your little ones to new and delicious cuisines.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

A family-friendly luau show, that does not have an age limit.
A spectacular show caps off the evening

A luau often spans upwards of three hours, which can feel like a long time for some younger travelers, especially if they spend the day basking in the sun or exploring the island on a tour. But even the sleepiest of kids is bound to wake up when it’s time for the evening entertainment.

Hula performers engage the audience in dance that tells a story.  Fire-knife dancers thrill the audience with their awe-inspiring skills. At Rock-A-Hula, the show is even more upbeat, and features a rock ‘n roll vibe that will perk anybody up, no matter how young—or old!

You might be hesitant about bringing your kid to a Hawaiian luau, but we say go for it! Let them experience an incredible piece of our tropical paradise. You never know, maybe they’ll leave with a taste for raw fish!

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