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Posted on January 20, 2024

The Best Kid-Friendly Luaus

Which Luaus are the Best Kid-Friendly Luaus on Oahu?

by Dorine C., December 7, 2018

Everybody dance!
Even the biggest kids love to learn hula!

Ah children, those shining little beacons of hope that bring meaning and joy to their parents’ lives, right before they accidentally wet themselves and cry for an hour. Yes, those wonderful keiki (Hawaiian for kids) can bring equal parts joy and anguish depending on the day. They are also perfectly suited for a relaxing-as-can-be family vacation in beautiful Hawaii! Whether it’s making sand castles by the ocean, running endlessly in sun-soaked parks, or falling asleep during an island tour. Hawaii is perfect for kids.

That’s one of the reasons so many families choose to vacation in Hawaii. Here in the islands, there is a very palpable sense of ohana or family. Neighbors watch over each other’s kids and parents know the misdeeds of their children long before they get home. Luaus (part party, part cookout, part show) are a special Hawaiian tradition that plays particularly well with the little ones. If you’re visiting paradise with youngsters in tow be sure to check out one of these kid-friendly luaus.

Chief’s Luau

Chief Sielu, of Chief's Luau, talks with a small child on stage. Chief's Luau os one of the best kid-friendly luaus on Oahu.
Chief Sielu loves talking to the keiki (kids).

For those staying at Ko Olina area resorts, Chief’s Luau is conveniently located. It’s just down the road at  Wet ’n Wild water park. For everyone else, there is round-trip transportation available, just in case you’d like to throw back a few Mai Tais. Chief Sielu Avea and his family know how to put on a show both for kids and adults. Before the evening’s events, there are some great island-related activities for the kids. Lei-making, temporary tattoos, hula lessons, and even some carefully monitored spear-throwing are all part of the pre-show activities. Once the kids have, worn themselves out, it’s time for the delicious dinner, followed by the spectacular Polynesian show!

The Chief is very good at keeping kids involved, even bringing them on stage for dancing. He’s simply brilliant with children! Fire knife dancing, hula, and hilarity are ensured, along with ono (delicious) food and tasty beverages. Chief’s Luau is the top-rated luau on Trip Advisor and will have the kids bubbling with excitement for days after.

Polynesian Cultural Center:

Visitors enjoy hands-on, kid-friendly activities at the Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu.
Each island village offers hands-on, kid-friendly activities

The amusement park-like Polynesian Cultural Center is a great place for a glimpse into ancient Hawaii, whether you’re a kid or just act like one! Be sure to arrive early, so you can explore the different villages representing the Polynesian islands. There are also regularly scheduled, kid-friendly activities in each village. You and your family will learn so much about this fascinating part of the world. The staff are friendly locals—many of them students at nearby BYU-Hawaii. They love sharing interesting and fun tidbits with adults and kids alike.

After indulging in the luau-themed buffet, it’s time for the main event! The evening show is spectacular, with immersive storytelling, dancing, vibrant colors, and non-stop action.

Whether you choose Chief’s Luau or the Polynesian Cultural Center, you’re in for a treat the whole family will love!  

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