The Best Luau for Audience Participation

After a couple of mai tais, youll be dancing, too!

The Best Luau for Audience Participation

After a couple of mai tais, you'll be dancing, too!
After a couple of mai tais, you’ll be dancing, too!

You’ve heard a lot of great things about the luaus of Hawaii. You’ve read all about the bountiful spreads of delicious food and heard about the fun activities that keep everyone entertained from start to finish. You’re excited by the idea of being immersed in the culture of the islands, but what you really want is to become an active part of the experience. Maybe you’re a theater major yearning for your glory days, or perhaps you just love being at the center of it all; in any case, there’s something about being part of the luau show that attracts you like a moth to flame.

You’re the type who, when trying to decide which luau is best for you, adds “audience participation” to your list of “must-haves.” You’re not just talking about the activities like learning how to make a lei or other interactive crafts, either. You want a chance to become part of the show, and for that, we recommend the Chief’s Luau.

Hail to the Chief

Chief Sielu loves the keiki
Chief Sielu loves the keiki

There are many incredible elements of the Chief’s Luau that make it such a highly rated production, but Chief Sielu Avea, the charismatic host and emcee of the entire affair, thrives on the energy from the audience. He often seeks members of the audience who are eager to jump on stage to take part in creating a fun-filled, entertaining show.

Not to take anything away from the other terrific luaus, as they each have their own unique charms, but Chief Sielu is just really good at engaging his audience. The Chief definitely knows how to keep the energy high to create a captivating evening that’s difficult to top and even harder to forget.


Join the Fun

This show doesn’t hesitate to let the audience in on the fun, especially those willing to get over any shyness and become an active part of the show. Even if you wind up sitting the participation out, it’s a blast to watch as others are subjected to Chief Sielu’s playful teasing and the obvious enjoyment he gets out of interacting with participants. More than just an emcee, he’s a performer with a warm and addictive personality. He’s also hilarious!

Fire knife dance
Don’t try this at home!

In addition to the onstage fun, you also get to watch Chief Sielu demonstrate his dazzling skills as a fire knife dancer.

Want to increase your chances of becoming part of the onstage fun? Upgrade your seating to the Royal Experience. Not only does it get you closer to the stage, it also gets you a 6 oz. grilled New York Strip steak, three drink tickets, a welcome mai tai on arrival, pork tasting straight from the imu oven, and a even souvenir to remember your awesome night!

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