Posted on January 2, 2019

At Chief’s Luau on Oahu, You’re Part of the Ohana

At Chief’s Luau on Oahu, You’re Part of the Ohana

Chief Sielu and his ohana welcome you
Chief Sielu and his ohana welcome you to the best-rated luau in Hawaii

by Hayley L., January 2, 2019

Hosted by Chief Sielu Avea, the Chief’s Luau on Oahu makes sure that you feel like family. The Luau offers just the right combination of cultural experience, delicious food and drinks, and thrilling performances. You’re welcome to join the celebration, dance, and enjoy everything the Chief’s family has to share.

As you arrive at the venue, the staff will greet you with a traditional lei. The friendly staff invites you to try out some of the cultural activities. For example, you might try making your headband out of palm leaves, learning some hula, or throwing a spear like a hunter.

Come Hungry!

As the sun sets, the buffet opens, and your mouth waters at the beautifully arranged tropical bounty. A highlight of the Chief’s Luau is kalua pig cooked the traditional way: in an ‘imu. An imu is an underground oven lined with hot lava stones. The pork is covered with vegetables and wrapped in leaves. Then attendants lower it into the pit and cook it for hours. At the luau, the attendants open the oven and remove the tender, steaming pork from the ground. Guests find the whole ceremony impressive.

Traditional flavors on the menu also include lomi lomi salmon, poi, and tropical fruits. These exotic treats complement island staples including sauteed fish, steamed rice, and fresh greens, so everyone can find the right mix of exotic and familiar for their palate.

Once you’ve satisfied your appetite, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening’s entertainment. Chief Sielu’s show is famous around the islands as a unique display of Polynesian music and dance. Those who feel like dancing are welcome to join in the celebration of island life. A special moment for couples is a dance by the light of torches as the Chief himself sings. The breathtaking fire-knife dance provides a thrilling climax to the show.

Just Add Adrenaline!

Ziplining is fun for the entire family
Ziplining is fun for the entire family

The Chief’s Luau keeps you entertained from the afternoon until well after sunset, but to make a day of it—and get your appetite in high gear—consider ziplining at nearby Coral Crater. Located just a few minutes away from Chief’s Luau, Coral Crater is the most adrenaline-inducing place on the leeward side of Oahu. The ziplines range between 300 and 900 feet in length, and with the most modern braking systems, safety equipment, and professional staff, are safe for the whole family. Ziplining at Coral Crater not only provides you with a heart-pounding thrill, it also offers unforgettable views of the tropical landscape from a whole new perspective.

A zipline tour before a luau gives you everything in one day: outdoor adventure, cultural experiences, new flavors for your taste buds, an unforgettable show, endless photo opportunities, and the party of a lifetime!

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