What Should I Wear to My Luau?

What Should I Wear to My Luau?

Make like The King and break out your most colorful shirt
Make like The King and break out your most colorful shirt

Whether it’s a formal affair or just a casual dinner, most people like to know what kind of clothes are appropriate for the occasion. This is also true of one of the most popular activities in Hawaii. So, what is considered appropriate luau attire?

Luaus don’t have set dress codes, but try to remember that you’re taking part in a tradition that has deep roots in Hawaiian history. You don’t want to show up in just anything, especially if your wardrobe is mostly made up of raunchy t-shirts.

When you’re planning what to wear to your luau, keep in mind that they are family-friendly affairs. Leave the suggestive attire at home. Dress comfortably, but don’t go overboard. When it comes to luaus, that’s really the only guideline you’ll need to worry about following. While there are few, if any, hard and fast rules, there are plenty of tips to ensure you blend in with the Hawaiian spirit of the festivities.

Tips for Men

Guys, you might not be used to having fun with your clothing choices, but this is definitely your chance. Sure, you could go for the basic polo shirt and jeans look, but where’s the fun in that? Loosen up, get into the spirit of things with a Hawaiian print button down shirt with either nice shorts or khakis. The brighter the shirt, the better! As for footwear, your can wear sneakers or other comfy kicks, although sandals or flip flops are equally acceptable.

The weather can sometimes get a bit cool in the evening, so you also might want to bring a light jacket.

Tips for Women

Feast on Oahu's only farm-to-table luau buffet
It’s a fact: luau food tastes better when you’re festively dressed!

You may be more accustomed to having fun with your outfits than many men are. A colorful floral sundress is always perfect for a Hawaiian luau, but there’s nothing to stop you from rocking a Hawaiian print top and pairing it with pants or shorts.

While you may be tempted to glamorize by wearing high heels, it’s a much better idea to stick closer to the ground. Hawaiian luaus often take place on soft, sandy surfaces and heels are just not conducive to walking around and mingling, especially after a mai tai or two. Sandals go with just about everything, and complement the tropical look you’re going for.

Just like with the guys, consider bringing a light jacket in case the evening breezes turn chilly.

Complete your look with a flower in your hair and you’ll feel like a star!

The One Essential Accessory

No matter what you decide to wear, there is at least one essential you don’t want to leave behind: sunscreen. Whether your arms are exposed, your legs are free, or your face is taking the brunt of the Hawaiian sun, you’ll want to complete any outfit with sunscreen.

Most luaus start at around 5:00 to 5:30 PM, when the tropical sun is still shining brightly. And many include other activities even before that, meaning you might be in the sun for several hours. Do yourself a favor and don’t let your island look get marred with blotches of red!

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