Oahu’s Most Interactive Luaus

Learning some hula moves

Oahu’s Most Interactive Luaus

Learning some hula moves
Learning some hula!

If you’re the kind of person who loves to immerse yourself in each new experience, then a luau is probably high on the list of things you absolutely must do while you’re visiting Oahu. All luaus present culturally significant performances and bountiful spreads of exotic cuisine to make the evening special. If you choose wisely, your night can also be filled with more interactive activities.

People may look at these activities as merely a means of keeping the kids entertained, but there’s no age limit on fun! When a luau offers entertainment in the form of immersive activities, it does so assuming that the adults in attendance will participate. Hula dancing, ukulele lessons, temporary tattooing – they’re all part of an ideal evening for a fun-loving visitor hoping to experience Polynesian customs and traditions hands-on. Sound like you?

If it’s interaction and hands-on activities you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of the following luaus.

Ka Moana Luau at Sea Life Park

Be sure to pay attention at the hula lesson - you may get to show off your moves!
Be sure to pay attention at the hula lesson – you may get to show off your moves!

As it says right in the name, one of the biggest perks you get to enjoy with your ticket to the Ka Moana Luau is admission to Sea Life Park! Located on the island’s southeastern shore, Sea Life Park offers lots of opportunities to immerse yourself in something new and unique and lets you explore the underwater world of the Pacific without even getting wet!

Sure to provide memories you won’t soon forget, Ka Moana Luau offers a series of activities pulled straight from local traditions and island customs. When you arrive, you’re presented with a lei, but then you get to make your own! Want to show off your dance moves? Take part in the hula lessons and you may even pick up a few steps to show off when you get home. You also get to experience poi and lomi lomi samplings.

Ka Moana Luau tells the story of the journey across the ocean that brought vibrant life to the Hawaiian Islands. These activities are just a part of that story, especially as many of them are deeply rooted in customs of the ancient Polynesian voyagers.

Diamond Head Luau

Diamond Head Luau offers the islands' only farm-to-table buffet
All the activities really work up an appetite!

In the shadow of the iconic Diamond Head Crater, a remnant of volcanic activity hundreds of thousands of years ago, is one of Oahu’s finest luaus. The Diamond Head Luau is known for its farm-to-table luau feast, but there’s a lot more here than just an incredible spread of fresh cuisine delivered directly from local farms.

The Diamond Head Luau offers an evening filled with all kinds of Polynesian experiences and activities. Among the activities rooted in Hawaiian culture are hula lessons, lei making, and even a chance at strumming a ukulele. You can also get your very own Polynesian tattoo! Sure, it’s temporary, but you can wear it with pride throughout the duration of the luau.

At the Diamond Head Luau, the activities and games take place before you sit down for dinner. They definitely help you work up an appetite for the tantalizing buffet of fresh island food that’s spread out before you. Be sure to keep the lei you made on throughout the luau and get ready to break out the hula dancing you picked up earlier!

Chief’s Luau at Wet ‘n’ Wild

Chief Sielu loves to get the keiki involved
Chief Sielu loves to get the keiki involved

You want interaction? Chief Sielu Avea, your MC for this fun and entertaining evening, is all about getting his guests involved. There’s plenty of guest participation during the Chief’s Luau at Wet n’ Wild, where you have the chance to experience lots of island activities, starting before the imu ceremony and the lavish buffet of mouthwatering island cuisine!

Soon after you arrive at the luau, you’re met with a variety of Polynesian arts and crafts, including some rather unusual experiences. In addition to the usual hula lessons and tattooing, the Chief’s Luau add some local color.

Have you ever wondered what it was like being a hunter throwing a spear to catch your prey? Among the cultural activities you can take part in at the Chief’s Luau is learning how to handle a spear and start a fire, just like the earliest settlers in the islands.

The interaction continues with the spectacular evening show, as Chief Sielu coaxes guests from the audience onto the stage. Don’t be shy, become part of the show! We can’t think of anything more interactive than that. By the time the evening ends, you feel like you’re part of the Hawaiian Islands.

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