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We break down all the Luau components so your family gets the best Kauai Luau Experience!
There’s a reason Kauai is called the Garden Isle. Everywhere you look is a lush, green wonderland. Kauai may be the most laid-back of the islands, but the luaus here are filled with fun for the whole family! Most reviewers only go to one luau, so they don’t have a basis for comparison. We’ve been to them all, and rate each one on different aspects of the experience so you can choose based on what’s most important to you.

Luau Kalamaku

The Luau Kalamaku

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If you’re looking for a unique tropical experience on Kauai, the Luau Kalamaku is just the thing. The show is an extravaganza of fire poi ball twirling, hula dancing, traditional fire knife dancing, and vivid storytelling.

The Food (94%)
Entertainment (92%)
Audience Participation (75%)
Adult Beverages (100%)
Location (100%)

$114.95 $132.45

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