Does Ka Moana Luau Include Admission to Sea Life Park?

Does Ka Moana Luau Include Admission to Sea Life Park?

Get close—but not too close—to the sharks at Sea Life Park

As the sun sets over the island of Oahu, torches light the stage, illuminating the entertainment unfolding before you. Ka Moana Luau, like so many other Hawaiian luaus, ends with a breathtaking display of hula and fire-knife dancing. It comes after the feast of an authentic Hawaiian buffet and the multitude of family-friendly activities that kick off the evening.

But with Ka Moana Luau taking place in Sea Life Park on Oahu, is it safe to assume that you’ll also be given access to the park before the evening event starts? Does your day of fun actually start when you arrive at the luau, or does Ka Moana provide a little something extra to help enhance your day?

Do I Get Access to Sea Life Park?

Since the luau check-in only starts after the park closes, you might be thinking that you’ll only be able to enter the park to get to the luau. But happily, that’s not the case when you book the Ka Moana Luau. Aiming to give you a full Hawaii experience and a day of unforgettable fun and entertainment, the good people behind Ka Moana Luau give you all-day access to Sea Life Park and all its shows and exhibits!

Ka Moana tacks on this added bit of fun to ensure you can spend the whole day in the same location where your luau takes place. And since it’s only a twenty-minute drive from Waikiki during non-rush hours, you have plenty of time to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Fire knife dance at Sea Life Park
Fire knife dance at Sea Life Park

Admission to Sea Life Park gives you more than just the convenience of spending your day out near the luau site. The park lets you experience the Pacific without ever having to enter the ocean. A selection of optional interactive experiences gives you the chance to get up-close and personal with dolphins, sea lions, and a variety of other creatures from the ocean’s reefs.

A Hawaiian luau is all about the culture. This includes offering a terrific Polynesian meal, putting on a great show, and sneaking in some education as well. Sea Life Park is adds another piece to that puzzle, with its focus on the vital role the ocean plays in the life of our tropical paradise.

You’ll be able to spend your day exploring Sea Life Park, which allows you enough time to see everything the park has to offer. Make the most of this opportunity to immerse yourself in the park without having to pay separate admission!

Is Everything Sea Life Park Offers Included?

dolphin swim at Sea Life Park
It costs a little more, but how often do get an opportunity like this?

While you have access to the free exhibits, shows, and trainer talks at Sea Life Park, there are a few add-ons that cost a little extra. Swimming with dolphins, getting personal with sea lions, and feeding them after the show all come at an added cost, but how often do you get an opportunity like these?

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