Does Aloha Kai Luau Include Sea Life Park Admission?

Hula performers on stage at Aloha Kai at Sea Life Park in Oahu, Hawaii

Does Aloha Kai Luau Include Admission to Sea Life Park?

by Mark L., Last Updated January 20, 2024

Get close—but not too close—to the sharks at Sea Life Park

Aloha Kai Luau has got a lot of great things going for it. Firstly, you’ve got the feast of authentic Hawaiian foods and the multitude of family-friendly activities that kick off the evening. Then you’ve got the view of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean as torches illuminate the stage. And finally, you’ve got the breathtaking hula and fire-knife dancing performances that end the night.

But one of the most interesting things about Aloha Kai Luau is that it takes place in Sea Life Park on Oahu.

In case you’ve never heard of Sea Life Park, it is a small, well-loved marine life park that focuses on education and conservation. The park offers shows, exhibits, and interactive programs for all ages. Visitors get a chance to see Hawaii’s marine life up close. This includes encounters with sharks, dolphins, sea lions, and sea turtles. While small, Sea Life Park is a perfect stop for families traveling with children or for adults interested in Hawaii’s marine life.

But do you get to explore the park while you’re there for an Aloha Kai Luau?

Do I Get Access to Sea Life Park?

The luau is held inside the luau and you will have to walk through the park to get to the luau grounds. However, the luau check-in starts after the park closes. So while you will pass by some animal exhibits,  the shows and interactive programs will be over with. But there’s good news if you’ve booked any of the three upgraded seating packages at Aloha Kai Luau.

Fire knife dance at Sea Life Park
Fire-knife dancing at Aloha Kai Luau

Aiming to give you a full day of Hawaiian marine life experiences and unforgettable entertainment, the good people at Aloha Kai Luau will give you all-day access to Sea Life Park when you purchase any of the upgraded packages!

The silver package includes a five-day pass, while the gold and VIP packages include a ten-day pass. (The bronze seating package does not include a pass to the park).

Aloha Kai is including this extra bit of fun so you can spend the whole afternoon and evening at the park. And since Sea Life Park is only a twenty-minute drive from Waikiki, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Additionally, if you reserve round-trip transportation through Aloha Kai, there are two departure times. The early departure allows guests to tour the park before the luau, and the late departure is for those guests who want to attend the luau only.

Admission to Sea Life Park gives you much more than just convenience.  Hawaiian luaus are all about cultural outreach. This includes offering a terrific Polynesian meal, putting on a great show, and sneaking in some education as well. Sea Life Park adds another piece to that puzzle. Their mission is to educate about the vital role that the ocean plays in our tropical paradise.

Is Everything Sea Life Park Offers Included?

dolphin swim at Sea Life Park
It costs a little more, but how often do get an opportunity like this?

You will have access to the free exhibits, shows, and trainer talks at Sea Life Park. However, there are a few add-ons that cost a little extra. Swimming with dolphins and feeding the sea lions after the show is additional. But how often do you get an opportunity like that?

See everything that Sea Life Park has to offer in a day (or 10) when you book upgraded seating at Aloha Kai Luau!

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