Do I Need To Book My Luau in Advance?

Do I Need To Book My Luau in Advance?

Don't get burned—book your luau in advance
Don’t get burned—book your luau in advance

The short answer: Yes.

Unless you like being disappointed and glared at by the people who depended on you to make sure your Hawaiian vacation was perfect.

Ugh, Do I Really Have To Plan Ahead?

Quit complaining. You’re going to Hawaii, for heaven’s sake! As you’re planning for your tropical getaway, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of reservations and time slots you need to book. What with the tours, transportation, and activities, it seems like every minute of your vacation has to be scheduled ahead of time, before you even get to the islands. While doing all that advance work, you may ask yourself whether the same holds true for the luau you promised everyone you’d do. After all, it’s just dinner and a show, you might think, and with so many options around, there will always have plenty of last-minute choices. Unless there aren’t.

Poi. We'll admit it tastes better than it looks.
Poi. We’ll admit it tastes better than it looks.

While every luau doesn’t sell out every night, the point is: why risk the disappointment (and glares)? Wouldn’t that be a bummer? Since a luau is a must-do event for any Hawaiian vacation, you’d be missing out on a chance to get a taste of the cultures and traditions of the islands. And poi. Where else are you going to have the chance to try poi?

Trust us, it’s a lot better to reserve your place at the luau you want to experience. Especially if you’re traveling during a busier season—winter holidays, summer holidays, spring break, and holiday weekends—you’d be surprised as to how quickly the spots can sell out.


OK! You’ve Convinced Me. How Do I Start?

We thought you’d never ask. Using our world-class, colorful, shiny, fun-to-use Luau Comparison Chart, you can see what each luau offers. Based on that, you can choose the luau that sounds the coolest to you, and with another click or two, book that baby and not have to worry about it any more. Sounds just dreamy, doesn’t it?

The key to a thoroughly enjoyable Hawaiian getaway is to leave nothing to chance. If you have the option of booking ahead of time, then take advantage of it and just get everything done. When you finally arrive in the islands, you’ll be able to just relax and enjoy the fruits of your earlier legwork. And you won’t have to endure the glares of your loved ones.

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