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About Luau Ohana (family)

Nutridge Luau: an intimate experience high above Honolulu

Nutridge Luau: an intimate experience high above Honolulu

So, your GoFundMe for your honeymoon exceeded expectations. People really do like you, it turns out. Or perhaps your spinster Great-Aunt Harriet (whom you’d never heard of before you got the letter from her attorneys) left you a nice inheritance? Whatever the source of your extra cash, you’ve decided to splurge on a luau.

We think that’s a swell idea.

Now all you have to do is choose which luau is the best for you. We already know you’re smart, since you’re on our site, but holy cow there sure are a lot of luaus to choose from, and each one has a really snazzy web site telling you how great they are.

How to choose?

Well, your Uber driver is a nice fellow who seems to know what’s what, maybe he’ll have a recommendation? We know the guy. He’ll definitely have an opinion, but what’s it based on? Probably his last rider who raved about the luau they went to the night before, since he’s a local and considers himself far too cool to actually go to one. You could ask someone at your hotel, but do they really have a basis for comparison beyond the slick marketing material provided by the luau operators? Probably not.

So it’s a good thing you found us!

We actually visit each of the luaus we sell, and have an unbiased scoring system that rates things like the food, the show, the atmosphere, and the setting. And because we love you, we’ve made a nifty Luau Comparison Chart laying it all out for you.

Maybe you’re the type who likes to a few cocktails before/with/after dinner. In that case, you probably want to choose a luau that includes a great selection of adult refreshments. The Chief’s Luau at Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii got a top rating for theirs. They also offer round-trip transportation so you can have another round if you’re so inclined.

Perhaps you’re a teetotaler. Well then, you might be happier with an alcohol-free choice, like the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Are you a foodie (and who isn’t nowadays)? Only the Diamond Head Luau offers a true farm-to-table buffet.

The point is, everyone has different requirements for their perfect luau, and we’re here to help you navigate the options based on yours. Unless you require that there be no screaming kids. Or tipsy bachelorette parties. Even we can’t help you with that. Unless Great-Aunt Harriet left you a really, really nice inheritance, in which case we’ll be happy to help you with a luau buy-out. Just invite us along, OK?

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